Toronyóra szerkezet 4-7m

Toronyóra szerkezet 4-7m

4M movement for dials from 2m to 4m diameter and 7M movement for dials from 4m to 7m diameter.

Shaft length : 80 mm for dial fixing and 200 to 1400mm for long shaft.

Consumption : 260mA.

Wind speed withstanding up to 130km/h.

Protection index : IP53.

Rust proof material construction : zinc coated steel casing, stainless steel shafts on self-lubricated bronze bearings.

Maintenance free.

The maximum weight of the hand allowed on the minute shaft is 11 kg for a 4M clock movement and 20 kg for a 7M movement (including cap and counter-weight).

Bővebb információ: Tower clock movement 4M and 7M

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