MRX 30

MRX 30


MRX 30Calculating time recorder that makes it possible to calculate work hours for regular employees and hourly workers (up to 50), strong synthetic covering, easy to use and program, compact construction.

• calculates work hours for regular employees and hourly workers (up to 50)
• large, easy to read digital liquid crystal display with back light
• easily programmed through the use of programming cards
• crystal oscillation clock with an accuracy of ± 3 sec/week
• 9-pin dot impact printer
• automatic time card feeding capability
• the built-in lithium battery provides power for preserving clock and programming data for up to 3 years of cumulative power failure time
• automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
• automatic selection of proper print zone possible
• prints special marks to indicate an exception
• hour in small print and underlined for the first printing after time change (to indicate unauthorized time changes)

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